Duvet cover

Fleur de Soleil Duvet Cover for Cozy Nights!

The duvet cover plays a key role in the comfort and style of your bedroom. To make your bedroom synonymous with well-being, Fleur de Soleil offers a wide selection of cotton percale duvet covers in various sizes.

High-Quality and Original Fleur de Soleil Duvet Cover

At Fleur de Soleil, we have worked hard to offer you a range of well-made and beautiful duvet covers. Here are our choices:

Cotton Percale Duvet Cover

We have chosen to offer you cotton percale duvet covers because the fineness of its weave gives it great softness and a very pleasant touch. Cotton is also known for its breathability and thermal regulation, making your duvet cover multi-season: providing warmth in winter and coolness in summer! This is important for restorative sleep.

Easy to Wash, Easy to Iron Duvet Cover

In terms of maintenance, our cotton percale covers are practical as they are machine washable at 40° and withstand frequent washing well. Their hypoallergenic nature also makes them ideal for sensitive skin. Additionally, they are easy to iron!

Duvet Cover Dimensions

Fleur de Soleil has chosen four duvet cover sizes: 200x200, 240x220, 240x260, and 280x260. Therefore, it is important to measure your duvet well before any purchase!

Finish with Flap

The flap at the foot of the bed not only ensures a neat finish but also optimal hold throughout the night, combining practicality and aesthetics.

Finish with Piping

The piping is a detail that adds an extra touch of elegance to our duvet covers, finely highlighting the edges.

For any advice, you can contact us by phone at or by email at contact@fleurdesoleil.fr

Duvet cover



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